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About Savis Enterprises

We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce our company to you. 'Savis Enterprises' is building solutions in the field of Door Interlocking Systems, Pass Box Interlocking Systems.

We at Savis Enterprises are the leading manufacturer of the highest quality & widest range of advanced Interlocking Systems available in the market today. Our Interlocking units are made by using the most cutting edge technology & best quality components.

With over a 3 year manufacturing experience in this product category our Interlocking Systems have encompassed all the features required as per the industrial norms so that the product is not found inadequate on any grounds. Our core competency is customization of interlocking System as per the client's special requirement if any, such as full integration with BMS (Building Management System). Our entire ranges of products are known for their quality and durability. In the whole process of dispatching our products range in time manner, our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable members helps us a lot. We are capable to fulfill the huge demands of the market without any problem. We attain a good market position in the industry.

We bring forth in our range, items such as 2 Door Interlocking System, 3 Door Interlocking System, 4-16 Door Interlocking System, , Push Button, Emergency Switch, Rex Switch, Push Button, Em Lock, Magnetic Contact, Power Supply, CCTV, Video Door Phone, Attendance System, Fire Alarm System.

The company is also increasingly providing high value added services in the form of designing customized systems for its customers. The company has successfully designed complex systems for pharmaceutical companies.

Further, we access the support of an efficient team of professionals that possesses vast expertise and experience in their respective domain. Our technical staff renders their on time after sales support to our clients in a professional manner and this could enable us to give optimum satisfaction to our wide client base. Moreover, our efforts are directed towards upgrading our facilities at par with the international standards and norms and the market trends. Our quality integrated assortment is the production of the combination of the durable work of our hard-working manpower and the contemporary techniques that we own as our pride.

Our Speciality

Our Pioneering Dual PCB special design eliminates the need for any tool to be used in order to replace a faulty interlocking system. The dual PCB design consists of a Mother Board PCB on which all components are mounted & Host a PCB which has connectors connecting all the wires to the constituents such as the lock etc. Incase of a fault occurring simply the Mother PCB can be pulled out and replaced with a new one within 5 seconds without using any tools, or touching any wires.

Door Interlocking System

The door interlocking system is used to control the entry of a person to a secure area such as a clean room, research lab, etc. where dust or small particles may be a problem or security is of high concern. In its simplest form, the door interlocking is composed of 2 doors that are electrically interlocked in such a way that the doors cannot be opened simultaneously. Another example of Door Interlocking is Man trap. The Door Interlocking Terminal comes in option of (i) 2 doors (4 IN/OUT switches ) (ii) 4 doors ( 8 IN/OUT switches ) & (iii) 8 doors ( 16 IN/OUT switches ).Thus logic can be built up around the number maximum number of doors 2, 4 * 8 door respectively in regards to the manner in which they need to open or close. The Pass-through authorization is validated by a switch or the DIT can operate in a switch-less mode. Spectra's Enclava series caters to this requirement of 2, 4 & 8 Door Interlocking. We can have unlimited doors under door interlock with maximum logic of 64 door under single interlocking.

Advantage :

* Easy to install and configure

* Switchless operation

* Cost saving

Features :

Only one door may be unlocked or open at one time. Unlocking or opening one door automatically secures all other doors within the designated area. Lock relay contacts will allow low voltage red and green LEDs to be utilized for user feedback.
Door interlocking groups can be programmed for 2 doors. User can program interlocking groups through serial communication.


CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes.
Older CCTV systems used small, low-resolution black and white monitors with no interactive capabilities. Modern CCTV displays can be color, high-resolution displays and can include the ability to zoom in on an image or track something (or someone) among their features. Talk CCTV allows an overseer to speak to people within range of the camera's associated speakers.
CCTV is finding increasing use in law-enforcement, for everything from traffic observation (and automated ticketing) to observation of high-crime areas or neighborhoods. Such use of CCTV technology has fueled privacy concerns in many parts of the world

CCTV is commonly used for a variety of purposes, including :

* Maintaining perimeter security in medium- to high-secure areas and installations.

* Observing behavior of incarcerated inmates and potentially dangerous patients in medical facilities.

* Traffic monitoring.

* Building and grounds security.

* Obtaining a visual record of activities in situations where it is necessary to maintain proper security or access controls.

Video Door Phone

The video door phone is composed of a four-wire indoor tation and a our-wire door station. Featuring in the convenient installation and easy operation, it is mainly applied in the buildings for improving the livingsecurity.

Features :

Indoor Station Features :

* Hands-free video intercom communication.

* Supports three indoor stations simultaneously in the intercom system.

* Supports monitoring the door station and the external analog camera.

* Remote unlocking.

* Convenient installation and easy operation.

Door Station Features :

* Hands-free video intercom communication.

* Supports two door stations simultaneously in the intercom system.

* Self-adaptive IR supplement (with photoresistor).

* One-touch calling.

* Pinhole camera with 720 x 576 @ 25 fps.

* Unlock controlling.

* Anti-oxidant aluminium alloy.

* Convenient installation and easy operation.

Attendance System

Attendance machines help in automation of attendance of the employees and can help in tracking the IN and OUT time duration of employees total work duration, lunch breaks. There are several types of biometric time and attendance machines used in industry.
Biometric Time attendance machines are best machines for companies, offices, schools, colleges, institutes, factories, software companies. Manage your employee in multiple locations from a single location using our auto-push technology. Get the best highest quality attendance machine on this planet with so many features for so low price. We are the best biometric attendance machine supplier.

Features :

* Scratch proof optical sensor.

* Instant verification and enrollment.

* Multi-user facility.

* Transaction capacity of upto 50000 records.

* Fingerprint access.

* Easy installation and high security.

* 50 different time zone settings.

Fire alarm System

Fire alarm system is a set of electric/electronic devices/equipment working together to detect and alert people through visual and audio appliances when smoke/fire is present. These alarms may be activated from smoke detectors, heat detectors, water flow sensors, which are automatic or from a manual fire alarm pull station.
All Fire Alarm Systems essentially operate on the same principle. If a detector detects smoke or heat or someone operates a break glass unit (manual break point), then alarm sounders operate to warn others in the building that there may be a fire and to evacuate. It may also incorporate remote signaling equipment which would alert the fire brigade via a central station.

How a Fire Alarm Works :

* Basically, to activate it, a fire alarm system uses manually operated devices (pull stations), or automatically activated devices (smoke and heat detectors, waterflow switches, etc.).

* Once a fire is discovered by the fire alarm system, it tells the occupants of a building about the fire (by making lots of noise and flashing lights), and calls the fire-fighters (through automatic communication).

* After that, it is up to the occupants to defend themselves from the fire, and the firefighters to try to extinguish it.

Extra Action Taken by the Fire Alarm System :

* Shut down the air handling fans and the smoke dampers in the air ducts to prevent the spread of smoke and flame.

* Turn off electricity and gas in kitchens.

* Turn off the electricity in computer rooms .

* Turn on a deluge sprinkler system to extinguish a fire.

* Activate a preaction sprinkler system to allow it to extinguish fire.

* Unlock doors to allow exit.

* Lock doors to prevent entrance.

* Close smoke barriers or smoke curtains to prevent the spread of smoke or flame.

* Release door holders on fire doors to prevent the spread of smoke.

* Activate fire suppression systems.